Expert switchboard management in Melbourne

Maintain switchboards for maximum results

Aus-Tech Electrical & Automation supplies effective switchboard management where needed. We can cover switchboard upgrades and replacements, and assist with power management to set your electrical circuit on the right track. If your device isn’t functioning correctly, or it’s in need of an update, we’ll visit you on-site to inspect it and provide the most effective solution for your needs.

We have been extensively involved in the planning and executing of power reticulation requirements for new manufacturing plants over the last 23 years. We’ve also relocated major manufacturers such as Repco Engine Parts, Hardie Iplex, Preslite Australia, Able Industries, and Peerless Holdings.

Our services in this area include:

  • Electrical installation of new factories, warehouses and offices
  • Switchboard upgrade and/or replacement
  • Installation of new machinery
  • Rewire or relocation of production areas
  • General lighting and power requirements

Like all of our services, we don’t supply subpar products or send out inferior technicians. We use the latest products from the top manufacturers, and employ only the most experienced technicians, who are capable of tackling any electrical project.

Why switchboard management?

Switchboards are the heart of many important electrical circuits, and require just as much expert attention as any other electrical installation. This is especially true in large automated production systems where you need an up-to-date, fully functional switchboard in order to ensure production upkeep.

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