Machine Automation

Electrical Automation Services in Melbourne

The latest technology

We utilise the latest technology in programmable controllers and networking to streamline complex operating procedures. Our technicians are always enthusiastic and ready to provide quality products that make high-tech equipment practical and easier to manage. 

Whether you wish to automate small machines such as packaging systems, or larger-scale production lines, Aus-Tech Electrical & Automation can meet all of your requirements. Using Omron and Allen Bradley PLCs of various kinds and purposes, we have the knowledge and technology to automate any machine you bring us.

Save time and money with machine automation

Machine automation can benefit you and your employees greatly. In an industry where production and the workforce are paramount, the ability to streamline a process is invaluable. Aus-Tech Electrical & Automation has a vast amount of experience in this field, servicing all kinds of purpose-built machinery, from food processing units to press shop machines, and more.

Make your workplace safer

Given our incredible amount of experience in this area, we highly recommend our machine automation service. In addition to making the workplace a much safer environment, machine automation can significantly reduce downtime and setup time, as well as waste and production costs.

Call us on 03 9311 5055 for more information on our machine automation services in Melbourne!

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