Machine Safeguarding

Affordable machine safeguarding in Melbourne

Our provisions include:

  • Door/guard interlocks
  • Lockable interlocks
  • Hinge and cam interlocks
  • Magnetic switches
  • Tripwire switches
  • Light curtains
  • Two-hand controllers
  • Safety edges
  • Safety mats
  • Captive keys
  • Testing and tagging

Our fantastic purchasing power gives us access to the highest-quality products from the best suppliers. We only provide solutions that satisfy all standards and fulfil all of our customers’ requirements. No matter the machine or the workplace, Aus-Tech Electrical & Automation is bound to have the perfect safety solution for you. 

In combination with our machine automation services, machine safeguarding streamlines much of the production process. It grants you and your employees comfort and convenience, while ultimately reducing costly production hurdles by a modest margin. 

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Keep your workplace secure with machine safeguarding

Like automation, machine safeguarding solves several core issues prevalent throughout the industrial and commercial sectors. Safety is the obvious first priority that should be attended to whenever possible. Injury in the workplace causes an untold number of ramifications for all parties affected, and machine safeguarding is one of the biggest strides you can make towards improving employee safety.

You’d be surprised by how easy it is to overlook potential hazards when you’re working with the machines every day. Aus-Tech Electrical & Automation can assist with risk assessment to ensure that all hazards are identified and diffused. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge to safeguard your machines completely at a very reasonable cost.

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