Plant Automation

Industrial Automation Services in Melbourne

Maximise efficiency with plant automation systems

Aus-Tech Electrical & Automation are not just equipped to automate small units, such as packaging machines. We can also design, install and maintain full-scale plant and industrial automation. As you might imagine, this service grants you the technology to smooth the production line, saving time and money in the long term. 

With over 30 years of experience, we can design a system tailored to your specific requirements. You can even send us your own plan for us to follow. Our technicians are fully trained in automating processing plants using Omron and Allen Bradley programmable logic controllers. These PLCs are connected to a network and supervised by a SCADA system.

Aus-Tech Electrical & Automation takes pride in providing these quality products, and seeing the huge benefits they offer to our processing plant clients.

We have successfully automated the following plant types:

  • Food processing plant
  • Refineries
  • Press lines
  • Organic recycling plant

With access to the latest technologies and products in this field, we are able to service a fantastic array of plants, maximising efficiency and safety on many fronts. These automation systems are quickly becoming necessary for many businesses, as they simply grant too many appealing advantages to ignore.

Below are some of primary reasons you should consider plant automation systems:

  • Reduces down-time from breakdowns; the SCADA system pin-points the locations of faults
  • Reduces setup times; automated setup production runs eliminate manual data entry
  • Reduces waste from human error
  • Supplies data required for quality control
  • Supplies costing for individual departments

For a streamlined production process, Aus-Tech Electrical & Automation has the solution. Call us on
03 9311 5055 to discuss your requirements.

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